Mathblocks - Web apps for maths


Mathblocks is a suite of integrated web apps for playing around with mathematics, create content and share with others.

The MathShell app
Mathshell is Mathblocks own language - designed for interactive use, convenience and auto-nice output.

Shown here is the output from the following procedure.

f(x) := x^2+3
PlotView(f, -5, 5)
[0, 1; -1, 0] * [a, b; c, d]
LSystem drawing
Explore famous fractals like the Sierpinski Triangle and Koch Island, simulate the growth of plants and other natural processes, or just go nuts in the name of art ... all possible with the LSystem app.
The Graph app
Create graphs (the graph theory kind) in an intuitive point and click fashion with the Graph app.

Common problems like shortest path and minimum spanning tree can be solved automatically.

Distribution pdf plot
The Distribution app gives an overview of common statistical distributions, plots probability functions and simulates samples.
Plot app with sine and cosine waves.
With the Plot app, simply input as many functions as you like and hit the draw button. Dynamic plots are easely created with the running time variable t.

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