Release notes

Version 0.3.2

  • New "Regression" app. Only supports linear regression for now. Can be opened from the export menu in the Dataset app.
  • Plots are much faster in most cases.
  • Parser has been polished and several bugs fixed.
  • Upgrade to Polymer 1.0. (Polymer is currently only on a trial in the user guide).
  • Optimize math typesetting in the user guide.
  • New light theme is default.
  • Logged in users can choose between light and dark theme.
  • Many bug fixes and under the hood improvements.

Version 0.3.1

  • Backend upgrades.
  • Security related fixups.

Version 0.3.0

  • The user and resource systems has had a fresh start.
  • Sharing resources/workspaces by URL is now possible.
  • Graph: Support for edge labels.
  • Graph: Several new display options, for colors in particular.
  • A simple Venn diagram app.
  • Dataset app is rethought and redone.
  • Many small UI improvements and bugfixes.

Version 0.2.0

Focus on improving mathshell for statefull computations and scripting of the environment. Besides several new object types and methods available this is achieved through:

  • The $ symbol can now be used to access a global (workspace-wide) namespace. Simply prefix a variable name with $ to read or write global variables.
  • The apps are exporting their main math object to the global namespace. E.g., while having an app named graph_0 open, you can access its graph object in mathshell using $graph_0.
  • The mutate operator ".." can be used in stead of "." to call object methods. A mutation will change the existing object rather than returning a new one.
  • The View constructor makes an auto-updating visualization/fancy-representation of its input object by tracking mutations.
  • The do routine covers much of what loops and timers are used for in other languages.
    do(myRoutine, 10) # Calls myRoutine 10 times.
    do(myRoutine, 10, 100) # Calls myRoutine 10 times with a 100ms delay between calls.
    do(myRoutine, [1,2,3]) # Call myRoutine one time for each of the vector elements.
    do(myRoutine, [1,2,3], 100) # As above but with 100ms delay between calls.

Other changes:

  • The mobile and desktop ui's have been unified and improved for non-desktop devices. Still a lot to be desired in terms of the apps themselves.
  • Performance improvements for small integers (no more unconditional bignums).
  • Distribution: Fix incorrect cdf computation for Poisson.

Version 0.1.0

  • Mathshell : Built-in functions are now first-order functions
  • Mathshell : Start of symbolic differentiation support
  • Mathshell : Many bug fixes
  • Plot : Introducing the time variable t
  • Plot : UI improvements
  • Graph : Move vertices and labels in the new move mode
  • Graph : A few bug fixes
  • Adjustments for mobile (still sucks)
  • Version numbering and release notes